Kry­styna Bochenek’s Insti­tu­tion of Cul­ture Kato­wice City of Gar­dens, the Orga­ni­zer of the Sile­sian Jazz Festi­val anno­un­ces the launch of the 3rd edi­tion of the Inter­na­tio­nal Jazz Com­po­si­tion Contest.

The pool of pri­zes is 5.000 EUR. The Con­test will be reso­lved on 10th Decem­ber 2016.

The Orga­ni­zers await the com­po­si­tions not lon­ger than 10 minu­tes, based on mini­mum 3 instruments.

The form of the Con­test is intri­gu­ing: the first selec­tion is based on the sub­mit­ted sco­res, fol­lo­wing that, on 9th Decem­ber in Karol Szymanowski’s Academy of Music , will be held open audu­tions, during which con­te­sts’ fina­li­sts will be selected.

Both the jury and the audience will cho­ose their favo­uri­tes. For the par­ti­ci­pants who reach the second stage of the Con­test, the orga­ni­zers ensure a perfor­ming band, howe­ver the com­po­ser may also appo­int the musi­cians to per­form his or her composition.

On 10th Decem­ber in Kry­styna Bochenek’s Insti­tu­tion of Cul­ture Kato­wice City of Gar­dens, after anno­un­ce­ment of the result of the Con­test, the pre­sen­ta­tion of the win­ners in final con­cert and award cere­mony will take place.

Our festi­val has always stood con­cern for the jazz edu­ca­tion. This year, we are happy not only to pre­sent the achie­ve­ments of Polish and Euro­pean Jazz Aca­demy stu­dents, we do not solely orga­nize master clas­ses, but we lead the festi­val one step fur­ther and we inspire to com­pose. The author of the best com­po­si­tion shall rece­ive the equ­iva­lent of 2.500 Euro, the second prize win­ner – 1.200 Euro and the third place will be awar­ded with 800 Euro prize. The audience will give their own prize — 500 Euro.

Deta­iled sta­tute of the Con­test is ava­ila­ble on the festi­val website

Jerzy Jaro­sik

Arti­stic Direc­tor of the Sile­sian Jazz Festival